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VoyageLA | Meet Agnes Grumslys

Today we’d like to introduce you to Agnes Grumslys.

Agnes, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
It has been a long road, about 12 years since everything started and slowly got me where I am today.

Originally, I am from Easter Europe, Lithuania. I came to California 2003 and started to build my life here. As a teenager, started high school. At the same time went through ROP program and got my cosmetology license, even though I always knew my passion is skincare and make up. Therefore, after graduating from cosmetology, I worked at the beauty salon for some time as a hairstylist, but I didn’t feel like in my own shoes.

Therefore, I went to further my education in skincare, earned different certifications for different skin care treatments as well as make up artistry certificate, and started to work as a freelance make-up artist and at different places as an esthetician, until one day in 2012 when I decided to open my own business- Agnes Beauty. After a little bit, I took a break from all that because I had my adorable son. Now I am not only a business owner but also a loving mom of the most beautiful 2-year-old boy. He is my inspiration for everything I do.

I want to be the person for him who he can look up to and lean back to. Therefore, I try my hardest to be the best I can be in what I do and the same time be the best mom for him.

Before all of this, I was fortunate enough to be a part of great team of LA and Orange County photographers, models and other makeup artist, had my experience in doing fashion and beauty makeup, participated in some films and theater as a makeup artist. I even got a chance to travel to China back in 2013 to be as a judge and a makeup artist for Mrs. Globe 2013 in Schengen, China. After experiencing a bit of everything, that lifestyle didn’t fit my priorities anymore. And that’s is why today I am settled at my own place in Costa Mesa and having my organic skin care practice-Agnes Beauty.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
I do not believe that there can be nor it was a smooth road when trying and wanting to earn the place in life and live that American Dream. Having to learn the language in the new country, learning and having to fit in the new culture, it was definitely nothing close to being easy, but nothing earned easily can last for a very long time. Therefore, even though there was and still is some bumps and tears along the road, I do not regret one thing that happened. I believe that everything happens for a reason. So where I am today, or will be tomorrow is where I suppose to be. I cannot predict the future. Always hoping for the best, but I do not know what’s waiting for me on the other side of the mountain. As long there is health, everything else can be reached and earned. Therefore, I want to remind again and again that skin is our most important organ in our body, please take care of it and do not overlook even the smallest issue, because bigger problems (like any other) in life is much harder to resolve than a small one.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Agnes Beauty story. Tell us more about the business.
I opened Agnes Beauty in 2012. My real name is Agne, but to fit better living in United States and for my name not to be mispronounced, I go by Agnes; therefore, I decided to name my business Agnes Beauty. I chose the name because I know that beauty is not just having a beautiful make up on or having beautiful hair. It is so much more. Because I am not putting any limits to my business, always looking to innovate and expand, I am not changing the name because I always know no matter where I will be, my passion and my future is in the beauty industry, and again beauty has many legs. Loving yourself is the most important aspect in beauty, but everybody understand love in different ways.

My goal and passion is to help people to heal and solve their problems. I want to spread the word how important is their skin and body, they start taking care of it properly. I truly care about the skin, it’s health and beauty; therefore, I use organic base products that contain NO toxins, synthetic ingredients, additives or parabens. Product formulas contain certified organic ingredients non-irritating, non-inflammatory and gentle enough to be used on baby skin. I will repeat myself, but because it is your skin, and skin is the biggest organ you have, you have to love, protect and pamper your skin. It covers and protects everything inside your body. I am devoted to help women, teenage girls and even men with their skin problems and their beauty needs.

My clients’ and my favorite is Oxygen Facial. As you may already know-oxygen is one of the most essential elements for human life. The oxygen that we inhale from the air around us helps keep our body and skin free from impurities and toxins. But as we grow older, the oxygen levels in our skin naturally decline, which contributes to wrinkles and fine lines. Oxygen treatment is designed and can be done for different skin types and solves different skin issues. Every treatment is customized; therefore, it is not the same for every client but it is designed to replenish the levels of oxygen in your skin, smooths out the wrinkles and gives a youthful appearance and glow to the skin. I have clients that say, they do not need to use a daily moisturizer sometimes even for up to a week.

Along that, I also love and see big benefits when performing micro-current treatment. This facial is none invasive and consists of gentle electric stimulation of muscles and tissue. This treatment is an alternative to facelifts and or botox.

Along with all my favorites, I do many more needed skin care treatments as well as Detoxication Treatment for the body which also helps to improve skin appearance as well. It eliminates toxins that are stored in fat, kidneys, liver, bowels and skin. It also triggers the body’s lymphatic system, which helps with continuing detoxication for up to 24-48 hrs. after the session.

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?
I am lucky enough and fortunate that I can do what I love and be where I am. My studies, all hard work, along with my loved ones help and support, loving and understanding people met along the way, played and still plays a big role in my business. There are all kinds of twists and turns, obstacles to overcome, but everything is possible with your own put energy in doing what you want and love, to the energy and time of others to help you reach your goal. My biggest inspiration now and what helps me to keep going forward and do not give up even in the hardest times, is my son. He is my light.


  • Prices varies from $50 to $120

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Source: VoyageLA, August 7, 2017

Agnes Grumslys

Licensed esthetician with over 15 years of experience, specializing in European Customized Facials, DMK Skin Revisions, Buccal Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, and Body Sculpting at Agnes Beauty and Wellness.

With a focus on quality care and exceptional results, Agnes Beauty & Wellness offers a holistic approach to beauty that emphasizes inner well-being as much as outer radiance.

We here to provide you with all the knowledge and expertise so you could feel confident and radiant from the inside out.

Experience the transformative power of our services and discover a new level of self-care with Agnes Beauty & Wellness.


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